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Lawn Maintenance Programs

Description of Services

Green Valley Landscapes has been providing lawn maintenance services in Montgomery, Princeton and Hillsborough Townships for 15+ seasons.

Mowing is a CORE service- includes blowing off all walks, driveways, patios of any grass clipping and/or fall leaves.  It also includes using string trimmers for hard to reach areas and edges, and sidewalk edging as needed during the season.  Service is routed with near by neighbors for maximum efficiency and price control.  Service is generally provided on the same day each week unless RAIN or other weather related issues causes delays, but usually its only by a day or 2.

Mow- Weekly- OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE. If your lawn is fertilized, and irrigated, this is the service for you.

Mow- Seasonal Adjust: July 4- This service starts out as weekly service thru July 4, but reduces to biweekly after July 4, This service is only available to non irrigated. non fertilized lawns.

Mow- Seasonal Adjust: Sept 1- This service starts out as weekly service thru Sept 1, but reduces to biweekly after Labor Day.  This service is only available to non irrigated, non fertilized lawns.

In addition to mowing, Fall leaf Cleanup is a lump sum, fixed price core service we provide for all mowing customers. Service can be customized as follows:

Fall Leaves- Lawn Only- 1- this service covers all extra labor and expense incurred by the mowing crew associated with the Fall Leaf cleanup during the primary fall leaf drop season, Oct 1- Nov 30. Most trees drop their leaves between Oct 1- Nov 30.  This basic cleanup service is for customers that  we do not provide any garden cleanups or mulch for. hence it is titled LAWN ONLY.  WE DO NOT CLEAN OUT THE GARDENS WITH THIS SERVICE.  This charge will appear on the November monthly invoice. This  charge covers the entire period for Oct 1 - Nov 30. and the final service is usually performed sometime Nov 15-Nov 30.

Fall Leaves- Lawn Only- 2- this service covers an Additional fall leaf cleanup after Nov 30. generally the first or second week of December depending upon weather. This service was created for properties that have trees which drop the bulk of leaves after Nov 30. generally for Oak and Flowering Pear trees.  Again, this service cleans up lawns only, not the gardens.

***Fall Leaves, Lawn & Garden- 1***- OUR MOST POPULAR FALL LEAF CLEANUP SERVICE- this service is the same as Fall Leaves- Lawn Only, but also INCLUDES BLOWING OUT THE GARDENS.    This is a CORE service for Green Valley customers who use us for seasonal garden cleanups and mulch.

Fall Leaves, Lawn & Garden- 2- this service is the sames as Fall Leaves- Lawn Only- 2, but again, also includes blowing out the gardens, and is performed in December.

The professionals here at Green Valley can provide a plethora of ADDITIONAL SERVICES that range from:

Cleanup- Early Spring-

Cleanup-Summer, Fall-

Final Winter Cleanup-

Mulch- Brown or Dyed Black-

Monthly Hand Weeding- 

Landscaping, New- 

Green Valley wants to make sure that your Home's plant-life is thriving and looking as beautiful and healthy as ever. The team at Green Valley Landscapes wants to keep our customers happy, we have high standards and we love what we do. Contact us if you need any further explanation of these or any of the service we offer.