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Lawn Care for Hopewell NJ & Surrounding Areas

At Green Valley Landscapes, we offer a wide range of professional lawn care services to help keep your lawn healthy year-round.

Our 6 step Traditional Weed and Feed Programs are still our most popular program for lawn care. With this traditional lawn care program, we provide 6 timely spaced feedings of balanced, slow release fertilizers, weed, insect, and grub controls, all for an affordable price.  This program will meet the needs of your lawn, plus weed and insect controls, plus yellow nutsedge control.

Traditional Lawn Care Program

Applications 1 & 2- Early Spring & Spring- 2 granular applications

18-0-10 Slow Release Fertilizer 

.21% Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control- 2 applications

Liquid Herbicide, applied as needed w/ app 2


Applications 3 & 4- Early Summer & Summer- 2 granular applications

18-0-10 Slow Release Fertilizer

0.069% Crosscheck surface insect control- 1 application

0-0-7 Allectus, grub control & surface insect control- 1 application

Liquid Herbicide, as needed

Dismiss, Liquid Herbicide for Yellow Nutsedge control, as needed during the summer


Application 5- Early Fall

25-0-6 Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

Liquid Herbicide, as needed


Application 6- Fall

32-5-7 Slow Release Granular Fertilizer



Product substitutions may occur from time to time as newer, better products become available

This program covers all your needs for fertilizer, insect and weed control.  It does not cover disease.


We can also provide the following add on services to your lawn care program:

  • Core Aeration
  • Soil testing
  • Over Seeding
  • Lime Applications
  • Disease Controls
  • Tick Repellents
  • Plant Bed Weed Controls
  • Tree & Shrub applications

Contact the Green Valley Professionals today for lawn care services in Hillsborough Township NJ and the surrounding areas.

Which ever program you choose, be assured every application to your lawn and garden will be made by a Licensed, Trained Professional.  Our goal at Green Valley is to make your lawn and garden the gem of the neighborhood!