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Customer Reviews

"Richard was one of the brightest trianees.  He is very passionate about learning all the aspects of landscaping."Barbara Bromley, Horticulturist; Cooperative Extension of Mercer County, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station  

"Green Valley has been such a pleasure over the years with its volunteer work at the Montgomery Arboretum. The mulching the GV Crew did this year looks excellent!" Montgomery Township Shade Tree Commitee

"We switched to Green Valley and are thrilled that we have. They have given us consistently high quality work and are always responsive to our changing needs. They give our property the attention it deserves. And we just love how they clear our driveway from snow in a timely manner all winter too. They are always on top of things. We couldn't be more pleased with Rich and his crews." Jill T, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley is a first rate landscaping organization that is always professional, reliable and very knowledgeable. Richard makes a personal commitment to make sure you receive the best possible customer service and quality landscaping. He has often taken personal time to not only suggest particular treatments but to explain why the treatment will work best with your lawn. I have been a client of Green Valley since I moved to Cherry Valley in 2001 and Richard has always exceeded my expectations." Peter M, Skillman NJ

"I have been a customer for almost 10 years, and the entire time the staff has been very responsive, and I am very pleased with the service. My neighbors even say I have the best lawn and garden in the neighborhood!" Joseph P, Belle Mead NJ

"The staff is knowledgeable and responsive in answering questions in detail." Becky A, Hillsborough Township NJ

"We continue to choose Green Valley because of their honesty and reliability."  Diane A, Belle Mead NJ

"We chose Green Valley because Rich's workers are pleasant, hard working and do a great job! Other companies would overcharge for mediocre work but Green Valley does an exceptional job and is well worth it!  Green Valley does excellent work, the shrubs, mulch and everything looks great!"Paul B, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley has always stayed an honest and reliable company." George B, Skillman NJ

"We continue using Green Valley because of the personalized and prompt service we get. Richard has a unique understanding for our needs and we appreciate his honesty." Sam B, Skillman NJ

"I have told about 2000 people of your outstanding work and I am a much happier camper now that my grass and landscaping looks as I had previously kept it. My place looks great and Green Valley has done a great job." Matt B, Skillman NJ

"These guys do a fantastic job." Gary B, Belle Mead NJ

"I have continued to work with Green Valley because of their professional work at reasonable prices." Susan B, Belle Mead NJ

"We hired Green Valley because they are the most knowledgeable, honest and reasonable lawn specialist we met. We were walked through our various options and it empowered us to compare apples to apples when choosing a company. We knew Green Valley was the right choice, and now our lawn looks great!" Rob B, Skillman NJ

"We chose Green Valley because our neighbors lawns looked so good! After hiring them we have loved Richards attention to detail and his hard-working staff!" Leslie B, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley's Spring clean-up helped our lawn get back to its beauty.  My lawn has never looked better." Martha C, Skillman NJ

"The time this staff spends on our property is much appreciated." Nick C, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley is great because Rich takes good care of his clients properties. He takes pride in seeing well groomed, well landscaped lawns and gardens." Charlie C, Skillman NJ

"We keep coming back to Green Valley because of the reasonable prices and Richard's knowledge and his staffs hard work." Lillian C, Princeton NJ

"We respect Green Valley's expertise, professionalism, quick and helpful responses and their friendliness. The workers are also very concious of keeping our pets safe while fertilizing." Sally C, Princeton NJ

"Green Valley is a local company that is reliable and makes my lawn beautiful!" Janeen C, Skillman NJ

"My wife said the place looks great, and I agree. The help is much appreciated." Matt C, Skillman NJ

"I am a loyal customer because service has always been important to me. Rich and his staff are always responsive when I have a question or concern. It is nice knowing there is a real person/business owner who cares about his customers." Alison C, Skillman NJ

"We are so appreciative of you and your knowledgeable crew. The passion and attentiveness to perfection is wonderful to see. All of your great work results in a beautiful yard that we so enjoy!  Rich and his team are professional and a pleasure to have at our home. Green Valley takes care of my home as if it was there own, they are truly amazing! I recommend them to everyone I talk to and I don't do that with many service providers."Karen and Ken D, Belle Mead NJ

"Green Valley is a company with very friendly service!" Walter D, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley's attention to detail and honesty is what keeps us coming back for more each year. We can always count on Richard and his staff being honest and timely. We respect his opinion and his knowledge of landscaping." Tina D, Skillman NJ

"We keep working with this company because of their good and attentive service, timely responses, knowledge on services rendered, and their competitive pricing." Gerald D, Belle Mead NJ

"We hired Green Valley because your work is outstanding, and we are very happy with your services." Renee D, Skillman NJ

"We love Richard's personal attention whenever we call with a question or special request." Dan D, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley is doing an excellent job, particularly the guy who trims around the trees."Joseph D, Belle Mead NJ

"Green Valley has very knowledgeable advice." John E, Skillman NJ

"We have really appreciated this service - the workers have done a great job!" Andrea E, Skillman NJ

"Everything was great!" Sarah E, Skillman NJ

"The best thing about Green Valley is there constant good service and care towards our lawn and landscaping." Christopher E, Hillsborough Township NJ

"I decided to hire Green Valley based on their reputation as well as their honesty." Michael F, Belle Mead NJ

"We've been very happy with the work" Gabriela F, Belle Mead NJ

"Thank you so much for your service, Green Valley!" Cathy F, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley is responsive, has great customer service and a high quality of work, and that is why we like them best." Joanna F, Skillman NJ

"Everything Green Valley is top-notch quality!" Maria F, Belle Mead NJ

"It is a respectable business that does not add on general applications to the bill that most commercial companies do, and they only do what you request but to their highest ability." Beth F, Princeton NJ

"Our lawn and planting areas have never looked so good!  Thank you so muchThe property looks very, very nice now!  We appreciate all the efforts!" Helen F, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley provides all our home and garden needs. They do excellent service whether it is big or small and the job is always done on time. After hiring Green Valley we finally got a green lawn again!" Xiang G, Skillman NJ

"I just wanted to thank Green Valley for getting the mulching done before our guests arrived. The guys did an excellent job, and in a timely manner too." Stephen G, Skillman NJ

"We appreciate Green Valley taking great care of our property and having reliable service." Charlie G, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley has excellent, prompt, and reliable services." Aris G, Skillman NJ

"We highly recommend Rich and his team. We have used Green Valley for years and have always been very satisfied. We can't imagine anybody doing a better job!" Antoine G, Skillman NJ

"The men did a great job. My backyard looks great." Noemie G, Skillman NJ

"We are very happy to see that our trees have been planted in a timely and neat manner. They look great and so does the rest of the yard!" Audrey G, Hillsborough

"The lawn looks great!!!" Susan G, Skillman NJ

"The owner is very knowledgeable as well as friendly and easy to talk to. The whole staff is helpful, prompt, thorough, and they are very neat and do a terrific clean-up. Because of Rich and his crew's work, our backyard was transformed into a colorful and picturesque landscape." Dorothy G, Skillman NJ

"The Green Valley staff has a strong work ethic, provides great service, and is reliable. What more could you ask?" David G, Princeton NJ

"We love that Green Valley is locally owned and maintains a great reputation. They do quality work, full services, and have a reasonable and competitive price! Our lawn has never looked better since we switched to Green Valley!" Christine G, Skillman NJ

"You are very consistent and do nice work." Donna G, Skillman NJ

"We appreciate the honesty Green Valley has. A previous landscaper over charged for services they never did, but we never deal with any issues with Green Valley." Gary H, Belle Mead NJ

"We took a chance with Green Valley because they looked professional and reliable and we were right. They do wonderful work for us." Jackie H, Skillman NJ

"Our lawn looks great this year. Rich and the crew have done a terrific job in maintaining. Even the bare spot around the patio looks good. They take such good care." Hilary H, Princeton NJ

"The staff and Richard are very responsive to all needs." John H, Skillman NJ

"We keep returning to Green Valley for their full service with a personal touch -- we enjoy seeing Rich and his staff in the neighborhood." Jennifer H, Skillman NJ

"Richard, Great. . .very good team.  They were professional and efficient.  Cleaned up thoroughly under 30 minutes in and out.  Looking forward to having them again in the November round as agreed."Tarik H, Belle Mead NJ

"Having just read this Friday's Princeton Packet, we have to both Thank and Honor you for your volunteer service to our community with your work at Orchard Hill Elementary , as well as to our nation at Arlington National Cemetery.  It is reassuring to know that we are doing business with not just the right landscape company, but the man behind it all." Bob & Debbie H, Skillman NJ

"Good service, nice people, fair price! The 'down home' service Richard and his crew have makes sure that the services they perform leave you happy, trusting their work, and your home looking at its best! I really appreciate the quick response too. They have always come through for our house!" Nancy H, Belle Mead NJ

"Good quality work along with a nice staff." Herb H, Princeton NJ

"I like that its a full-service operation - Lawn mowing, fertilizing, landscape clean-up & irrigation - how great it's all in one place!" Melissa H, Skillman NJ

"The guys do a great job." Robert H, Skillman NJ

"I appreciate the consistence of when work gets done such as the lawn being cut on the same day of the week, etc." Ken J, Skillman NJ

"The Green Valley staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and we enjoy their work and reliability." Susan K, Skillman NJ

"Having known Green Valley for many years, we have enjoyed their consistently outstanding service when it comes to maintaining our property. From cutting the grass weekly, to trimming bushes and trees, to bigger projects like tree removal and installation; We can rely on Green Valley to take care of all our landscaping needs!" Erik K, Belle Mead NJ

"What we like most about Green Valley is the communication with Rich, and the great work from his crew and himself." Leah K, Skillman NJ

"Every lawn in our neighborhood done by Green Valley looks perfect!" Todd K, Skillman NJ

"We are very pleased with the work done by Green Valley and love the care that is put into our lawn and landscape." Karen K, Belle Mead NJ

"We are overall very happy with your work this year." Laura L, Skillman NJ

"They are proactively thinking of ways to make our lawn look better and they are great communicators." Colleen L, Princeton NJ

 "Green Valley has affordable and comprehensive landscaping with great service as well as a knowledgeable owner and staff." James L, Skillman NJ

"Richard is very patient in explaining landscaping options and does not try to sell us anything we don't need. He is very respectable and so is the staff." Alyson L, Belle Mead NJ

"Green Valley has very consistent service." Srecko L, Belle Mead NJ

"I thank Green Valley for their excellent service this past season, and we look forward to continuing again in 2014." Ed L, Skillman NJ

"This is our first year with Green Valley and our lawn & shrubs already look better after a few visits." Viviana L, Hillsborough Township NJ

"The lawn looks great."Peter M, Skillman NJ

 "Green Valley does excellent work; they never miss a week of mowing and always pick up toys and sports equipment before they begin work." Tim M, Skillman NJ

"We hired Green Valley because our lawn was in bad shape, but ever since they put in their hard work our lawn has never looked better!" Tim & Cindy M, Belle Mead NJ

"They are cost conscious and  do an efficient job." Arun M, Belle Mead NJ

"Green Valley cares what our property looks like; one stop shopping: chemicals, maintenance & planting." Frank M, Skillman NJ

"Our home looks great after hiring Green Valley!" Owen M, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley did such a great job with the lawn that I want to call to thank them in person!" Douglas M, Princeton NJ

"Green Valley did great in getting our yard prepared for this season, We appreciate the work done in time for our big weekend coming up. The yard, mulch and beds look fantastic and we know it was a lot of work for Rich and his staff to complete so quickly.  Our yard looks fantastic.  Green Valley has really done a great job all year.  Thank you very much." Brian M, Princeton NJ

"The crew does a great job all through the season as well as with the end of the season clean ups." Red M, Skillman NJ

"Professional care and service, along with advice on making our lawn better and healthier." Jose M, Belle Mead NJ

"Green Valley is wonderful and doesn't need to improve a thing!" Anne M, Skillman NJ

"We enjoy Green Valley because they provide all landscape and snow removal activities and there is no need to hire multiple vendors. They do a great job mowing, trimming and blowing here. I definitely meets our expectations of the team." John M, Princeton NJ

"We hired Green Valley because they are local, knowledgeable, fair and friendly." Rhonda M, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley expresses a strong pride in their work and it is well worth it." Robert M, Belle Mead NJ

"We love the personal touches added by Richard and the staff." Joan M, Skillman NJ

"The immediate response to any questions or concerns that arise are wonderful and makes the company extra reliable." JoAnn N, Skillman NJ

"The lawn looks fantastic!" Eva N, Princeton NJ

"The lawn looks fantastic! My husband and family who were over couldn't stop commenting on the great job the team did on mulching and cleanup." Mary N, Skillman NJ

"I thank Green Valley for helping to create a great outdoors for us!" Susan O, Rocky Hill NJ

"We are very happy with our lawn service. These guys are doing a very nice job." Virginia O, Princeton NJ

"We are extremely pleased with this service. The lawn looks great." Gerry P, Belle Mead NJ

"We have been a customer of Green Valley's since the beginning and the work has been exceptionally pleasing ever since!!" Jaime P, Belle Mead NJ

"Green Valley is honest, efficient and polite. We enjoy working with the entire staff." Warren P, Princeton NJ

"Richard and the staff care about providing an excellent service. He and his staff are all hard workers and we value Richards advice." Dana P, Princeton NJ

"Great customer service!" Linda R, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley does work thoroughly and with pride." Pete R, Skillman NJ

"Thank you for taking such good care of our lawn." Dennis R, Skillman NJ

"Thank you Green Valley for all the "plow outs", we are looking forward to the work that Green Valley has to offer in the summer!" Estelle & Mike R, Skillman NJ

"Good job on the snow removal!" Stewart R.

"I love the personalized service, having Richard their is very impacting. Seeing him working with the staff makes a BIG difference." Rachael S, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley offers ALL our lawn and landscaping needs." Judson S, Skillman NJ

"As soon as Green Valley started taking care of our property we received comments from friends and neighbors about how nice our yard looked. It's always been a pleasure doing work with Rich and his staff." Kristen S, Skillman NJ

"We appreciate the flexibility and variety of the services Green Valley offers, as well as the various payment options." Janet S, Belle Mead NJ

"We hired Green Valley because we saw the quality of their work all around this area.  Great job on cleanup.  Green Valley did an outstanding job on the yard and bushes. They did an exceptional job on the trimming! They look very nice! I could not have planted 40 flats of paksandra without the crew preparing the location either." Marion and Richard S, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley is dependable and the staff is knowledgeable about plants and lawns. It is nice to know that Richard has studied the subject and knows what he is talking about." Ruby S, Skillman NJ

"Excellent, thorough, and flexible landscapers!" Sydney S, Princeton NJ

"Green Valley is reliable, does a great job, and has competitive prices." Mark S, Skillman NJ

"We hired Green Valley because of the work we noticed them doing on our neighbors lawns and knew they were a good match." Kelly S, Belle Mead NJ

"Good job Green Valley, I love that you get work done in a quality and timely manner." Jackie S, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley is competant, reliable and prompt." Laurie S, Skillman NJ

"I keep coming back due to the attention to detail, expert advice, dependable service, and a team that does an amazing job. Thanks to Green Valley our lawn and plants always look healthy and well maintained." Marie S, Belle Mead NJ

"We love the consistency and quality of Green Valleys lawn and landscape services." Gary S, Belle Mead NJ

"Quality service and staff." Steve T, Belle Mead NJ

"Green Valley doesn't need to change a thing! They are excellent at what they do by their quality of work and responsiveness while communicating." Simeon T, Skillman NJ

"I want to express my satisfaction with Green Valley's work. For the first time all summer I am pleased with how my garden looks.  We are both very happy with Green Valley services." Bill T, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley does an excellent Fall clean-up, my lawn is always neat, free of debris and ready for the winter." John T, Belle Mead NJ

"We hired Green Valley for its all inclusive, detailed service." Sharon T, Skillman NJ

"We like Green Valley because they are very reliable and professional service providers. Calls are answered in a timely manner and they really know how to make our property look great!" Lauren T, Belle Mead NJ

"We love the expertise of Green Valley's staff." Barbara T, Princeton NJ

"Green Valley is very dependable." Virginia, Skillman NJ

"I can't thank you enough for the quick service and ecxellant job by Green Valley.  The trees look great!  Thank you!"Kevin T, Princeton NJ

"Excellent job cutting and trimming. Very dependable and consistent service." George V, Princeton NJ

"We appreciate the good service and friendly approach of the staff." Balas V, Belle Mead NJ

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"Rich and Green Valley are organized, reliable and just a pleasure to deal with!" Rose W, Skillman NJ

"WOW!  Talk about great service!  Email at 1 pm and we come home to a clean yard.  As always, thanks for your terrific service!  Loving the personalized, friendly and professional service, along with the reasonable priced and reliable service on the same day." Kathy and Jim W, Belle Mead NJ

"They follow through anytime with everything they commit to. Green Valley has made our lawn look like one of the best lawns in the neighborhood." Carol & Ed W, Skillman NJ

"Green Valley has great customer service, exceptional work, and my lawn looks great!  The work Green Valley performed looks great" Michael W, Skillman NJ

"Thanks so much for coming late at night to plow and shovel! I appreciate it!! Its great knowing I can get out!!! Karen W, Princeton NJ

"I'm very impressed with your service and I am happy to be a customer :D" Joan W, Skillman NJ

"Ever since we started working with Green Valley our lawn has never looked better." Dawn Y, Skillman NJ